Empowering through Education: The Deaf Biblical Ministry

The Deaf Biblical Ministry (DBM) is the first and only ministry and school dedicated to the Deaf people in Nagaland since 1987. It started with 5 students. And in the past 36 years, hundreds of deaf people have received education in this school. This year we have over 70 students in our school, and over 200 Deaf church members.

Most of the students come from distant villages where their parents are poor and live below poverty level. The families continue to prioritize the education and careers of their normal children, and the Deaf children are usually the first to be pulled out of school if their family face any financial problems.

The DBM try to take in as many students as they can for free. But over the years, there have been just too many students from very poor backgrounds and DBM was struggling to provide for them all. 

It was during this time that the SM Gives’ generosity came to their rescue. This was an immediate answer to their prayer. Thirteen Deaf children were able to continue their education because of SM Gives’ sponsorship.

“Thank you SM Gives from all of us at DBM family.”

In 1872, it was through education that the first American missionaries to Nagaland brought the Gospel of Christ to the people of Nagaland. And today, we too believe that education is important while sharing the love of Christ to the Deaf children. It gives them a language to hear the message of Christ.   

Education will also open more career opportunities for them. Some of the Deaf children want to be Pastors,  missionaries, doctors, businessmen, accountants etc. With SM Gives’ generous support, the students are able to step closer to their dreams.

SM Gives’ generosity has made a huge difference in the lives of these students and their families. Through this seed that you are sowing, we believe that each student will multiply the fruit of your love manifold in the future. 

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