Edem Ameyou


Edem Ameyou
As a passionate and dedicated pastor, revival evangelist, and Certified life coach,as well as a Certified Mental Health Advocate I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide individuals towards spiritual growth and personal transformation. With a Bachelor of Theology, a Master of Arts in Biblical Archeology, a Master of Divinity, and a Doctor of Biblical Studies, my qualifications reflect my commitment to deepening the understanding of faith and the wisdom found in ancient scriptures.

The book The Sabbath A Marriage Covenant – A Day than
can Never be changed:

Explores the theological meanings of the seventh-day Sabbath, its connection to marriage rest, and its relationship to key events like Creation, Passover, and Calvary. Delve into why the New Jerusalem is called the Bride of Christ and consider the moral significance of observing the Sabbath. Discover its relevance for Christian singles and the importance of the Jewish day cycle in interpreting Sabbath-related events in the Bible.

The Leviathan Summary

The book God’s Final Answer to Job’s Controversy introduces the Book of Job, highlighting its significance in the Judeo-Christian tradition as a portrayal of the great conflict between good and evil. It focuses on Job’s profound suffering and God’s response through a discussion of Leviathan, a mysterious creature symbolizing various
qualities. The author emphasizes that God’s message to Job doesn’t center on Satan, urging readers to explore the symbolic meaning of Leviathan and find deeper insights in the book.

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