Aleksa Aishpur

Hello! I’m Aleksa Aishpur from Kyiv, Ukraine, blends faith, business, and inner healing. In the past, as a co-founder of Ukraine’s Crowdfunding platform and an organizer of festivals and Fashion Shows, I’m an entrepreneurial force. I’m also a co-founder of God’s Tabernacle with People Church and have a theological education. In my teenage years, I was involved in ministries with incarcerated youth, children with cancer, people with disabilities and helping people in difficult life circumstances. In 2022, I was involved in humanitarian help, helping widows and rebuilding houses in Ukraine.

Now I’m in the US, I started a new life here in January 2023 and with the Spirit Media team we finished work on my book HOME – SACRED SEARCH OF BELONGING. It’s in English and I want to translate the book to other languages to share Good News in the Nations.

I invite you to join and translate a book HOME in 4 languages: Ukraine, Spanish, Russian and Hindi to publish it on Amazon with audiobooks and all formats.

I’ll send everyone who supports this project I will send an e-book and audiobook in any language you choose!

About book. In “Home,” I courageously unveils a transformative journey of the sacred search for belonging and solace amidst life’s turbulence. Moved by her own challenges, I set out on a journey to seek a safe haven I can call home, only to discover that the true refuge already exists within her soul. I recount the journey with God in the rooms in my Home within oneself with heartrending honesty. Through poignant storytelling and introspective reflections, “Home” becomes an empowering narrative, inspiring others to embrace self-discovery, resilience, and the realization that the essence of home resides within the depths of one’s own heart.

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